The Monster (2016)

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The Monster (2016) Bryan Bertino (writer/director) It turns out, the real “monster” is poor parenting . . . no, wait, it’s an actual monster and it’s kind of lame.  I did enjoy the relationship between the (crappy) mother and (forced-to-be-the-parent) daughter, which is something I don’t usually see and was appropriately fleshed out through some good flashback scenes.  There was even some nice tension after the mother and daughter’s car breaks down and they are under siege by an unknown entity that picks off the first responders.  However, the titular monster looks goofy in the light, there’s a pointless “sacrifice” […]

Is the world getting away from us, and/or should we let it?

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Found this statue in a public space while walking through Midtown the other day.  Not sure what the context is, but I’d prefer not to know, I think.  If you look at it one way, the cloaked figure is trying to hold on to the world as it rushes past.  If you look at it another way, the Earth is trying to escape from the grasp of this hooded figure. It’s like one of those pictures with an image that’s a vase or two faces, or an old woman or a young woman, a rabbit or a duck.  I think […]

Father’s Day

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After my father passed away, I was compelled to try to work through it in writing.  Most of it was venting, but a few ended up as completed pieces and were published online. One of my favorites was this following villanelle which was published by Shadow Road Quarterly which, sadly, now appears defunct.  So, here it is for posterity. The Life-Sized, Horizontal  (a villanelle) Then, mythology could save us.  I meantTo lay him out in state as only sons can serve:The life-sized, horizontal. As I dreamt Distant Cancer, unwrapped caducei rentPrometheus’s liver. Yet if demigods deserve,Then mythology could save us. I meant To […]

Review of Shadows & Tall Trees No. 6 at Hellnotes

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Jeebus, I’ve been terrible about keeping this updated! In the off-season I’ve fallen way behind on anything that isn’t my day job, but I’ve done some good stuff here and there.  For example, I won a Flash! Friday challenge and did the obligatory 60-Seconds interview.  I’m also continuing to read for Kraken Press and am very pleased with some of the novels we’ve pulled out of the slush.  (In particular, keep your eyes peeled for Leah Erickson’s novel The Gilded Lynx.  It’s a change of pace, but it really is amazing and was the first thing in the slush to ever […]

“Like, like, produces like, okay?” – 360 words

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It’s called ‘sympathetic magic,’ and if you can’t understand that, then you’re stupider than Charlene.  I read a lot of articles, so I probably know more than you, but you can totally Wikipedia it on your phone.  Look for, like, the part on ‘similarity and contagion.’ I’m not like other girls at school, just so you know.  The women in my family have what my mum calls The Gift.  She’s the one that told me about this. What?  This.  This ritual. Are you serious? Okay, see, the doll represents a baby.  Why?  Because I want a baby, of course. I’ll […]

New Flash Fiction Pages

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I’ve updated my [Flashes of Genius] page to include more of my full-fledged flash fiction.  A lot of these new pieces are complete pieces that were originally posted on weekly blog contests like [Flash! Friday] and [Race the Date]. Check them out and consider joining in! [Flashes of Genius]: [Race the Date]: [Flash! Friday]:

Another Flashy Victory

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So, I’m rapidly becoming a big fan of these weekly flash fiction contests that a number of great blogs run.  For example, I highly recommend that you check out Flash Fiction Friday and Cara Michael’s Race the Date. These contests are weekly and go up on Fridays and Mondays, respectively. Anyway, not to brag or anything, but I recently won Race the Date Number 2!  You can check out my winning entry via that link. It’s a lot of fun and there are some really good people who participate (“good” in terms of both writing skills and personalities).  I think that […]

My contest-winning flash ‘The Rising Son’ is up at Cease, Cows!

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I’ve been horrible about keeping this blog updated through the month of October, but I’m back with some significant news: My flash piece “The Rising Son” won first place over at Cease, Cows in their 2013 Hallow/Hallowed Contest!  You can read it over here.  Oh, and the finalists were guest-judged by Stephen Graham Jones.  NBD. It’s a quick read – just a hair over 500 words, I think.  I say that because I had originally intended it to be exactly 500 words and then realized that I only made the mark because I’d left out the word “the” somewhere.  So […]

October 6th and 7th – Cartographing

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One of the most important aspects to horror is a sense of place. This can be metaphysical or very physical. Today, I’m thinking very physical. If things are going bump in the night, where are they bumping? In my apartment, if something is knocking on the east wall of my bedroom, I’m annoyed. West wall, I’m nervous. North wall, I’m terrified. What do you mean that doesn’t make any sense? Oh, right. It’s because I haven’t established that the east wall abuts my noisy next-door neighbor’s living room. Or that the west wall lines a closet that I’m 90% sure […]