Below are links to some of my prose fiction.  Enjoy, and feel free to leave me a comment on the main bibliography page.


“Asterion the Beautiful,” in UNLEASHED: MONSTERS VS. ZOMBIES (Stitched Smile Publications).

“The Huntsman and the Girl” in Body Parts Magazine No. 7 “Fairy Tales, Gods and Monsters.”

“Open Fight Night at the Dirtbag Casino” in A BREATH FROM THE SKY: UNUSUAL STORIES OF POSSESSION (Martian Migraine Press).

“A Black Magnolia on the Bank of Night’s River,” in EQUAL OPPORTUNITY MADNESS (Otter Libris).  (This one involves the Mythos entity Shub-Niggurath.)

“Hair Shirt Drag” (reprint) as audio podcast at Tales to Terrify, forthcoming in second half of 2017.

Rearranging Ways to Listen” in Daily Science Fiction (forthcoming 2017).

“The Forever Home” as audio production at The Breakroom Stories (forthcoming 2017).


“As Summer’s Mask Slips,” in NIGHTSCRIPT Vol. 2 (ed. C.M. Muller)

“Mise en Abyme,” in BORDERLANDS 6 (Borderlands Press – Winner of 2017 Stoker Award – Anthology).

“Clara Walker’s Little Death,” in Dark Moon Digest No. 24 (Dark Moon).

“Hair Shirt Drag” reprinted in WE ARE NOT THIS – Carolina Writers for Equality charity anthology in support of North Carolina LGBTQ programs (Falstaff Books).


“So, the Earth Wakes Up in a Bathtub” at Punchnel’s  (a geo-noir hybrid)

“Roots and Seeds and Foreign Soil” at (story no longer online)

“The Sputtering Wick of the Stars” at Halloween Forevermore (story no longer online)

“The Albatrossity Exhibition: or, Why I Want to Fuck the Ancient Mariner” in MILKFIST No. 1


“Hair Shirt Drag,” in WRAPPED IN BLACK: 13 TALES OF WITCHES AND THE OCCULT (Sekhmet Press)

“Ultramarine” at Lakeside Circus (story no longer online).

“The Hollow” at Dark Fuse’s Horror D’oeuvres (subscription required)


“A Story About Cigarettes” at Apocrypha and Abstractions.

“The Rising Son” at Cease, Cows – Winner of their 2013 Hallow/Hallowed Flash Fiction Contest.

“The Road to Grandma’s House” at Vine Leaves Literary Journal’s October 2013 issue  (p. 6) and their Best of 2013.