Flashes of Genius

This is where my flashes of genius go!  Some of them are tiny ideas and sketches, others are full pieces of flash fiction that have been part of weekly contests on blogs like Flash! Friday and Race the Date.

Check them out and consider joining in!

“Praise be to the Master, all knowledge comes from him” – 159 words

Infernal Inspiration (A Comedy) – 294 Words

Creation Myth – 300 Words

Kamtchotchke Roulette – 300 Words

Return Address – 300 Words

The Only Lesson Necessary – 105 Words

Tsukumogami – 155 words

“Long in the Tooth, or Manifestly Mandibular Destiny” – 321 words

A Very Odd Story – 150 words

Restoration – 259 words

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