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One of the things I’d like to do is use this blog to bring some more attention to of my literary loves: poetry and horror. (If you like funny stuff and don’t mind that my dog wrote it, check out the Dr. Sauce blog for that stuff.) As much as I’d love to put only my own writing up, there are two primary reasons that I won’t being doing much of that:

  1. Many literary reviews consider posting a writing online to be “publication.” Since most of them want previously unpublished work, posting new things here would disqualify them from consideration.1
  2. I don’t have that much.

Please note that above list is not necessarily in order of importance.

Therefore, I think I’m going to do some “reviews” (more like impressions) of works by other authors. I definitely have some established authors in mind, but I’d also like to start doing some other, less well known ones that I think should get more exposure. In theory, I’ll try to use ones who have work that I can link to, so that you can follow along.

As a general starting wish list, a couple I’d really like to do are:

I didn’t realize until I wrote that list that everyone’s last name begins with an “L.” How odd and unintentional.

Anyway, there’ll also obviously be more to come.2 There are also plenty of worthy authors in the public domain, so maybe I’ll dig some of those up.

If you have thoughts on these authors as I progress, or if you have requests or you’d like to contribute, feel free to buzz in!3

  1. This is why “King Devil Weeds”, which was in my slush pile, and “Letters”, which was posted on the “post-your-own” site Language is a Virus (although I can’t find it there now), are on here. 

  2. If you’re going to buy any books, I’d really recommend Ligotti and Lindenberg. I think they’re champs, but they’re also still alive so you’ll actually be supporting them. (Ligotti is frequently being reissued in small press, so check here, too.) 

  3. Caveat lector – I’m not a trained critic, nor even a very astute individual. In fact, I’m can so not astute that one time I fell down a cave-true story. I’ll do my damnedest, but that’s all I can promise. 

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